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Dear Santa 2011


I hope you have all forgiven me for last year when my Dear Santa letter included the wish for lots and lots of snow.  Santa loves me and wants me to be happy, so he obliged and sent us over 100 inches . Snow, that as those around me recall, never melted, just accumulated until roofs came crashing in and the towns were forced to bring in heavy equipment to re-locate truckloads of it when there was no place left to safely plow it. I shall try to be more careful this year.

Dear Santa,

Having tried my best to be well behaved without being downright boring, I am hoping you will once again grant me a few gardening related gifts.

First, a shed would be nice. In late September Bill and I finally took the plunge and went to the shed store and parted with an obscene amount of money for a lovely and functional red shed. As the delivery date approached it occured to Bill that no one had ever asked us if there was an access to our location that a very large very wide shed could pass, and turns out…there is not. Good catch Bill.

I called said shed company, who were properly horrified at their oversight and promised a partially assembled shed delivery and the carpenters to assemble it would be here promptly. We are still waiting. Phone calls to said shed company yield cheerful messages that shed is on its way ! delivery surely next week! etc etc. The last call provided the information that the shed will be here Tuesday and assembled wait it will be here Wednesday and assembled Thursday… just to be sure Mrs. Monroe you should call me again Monday.

Enough already. Shed please.

I would also like an arborist with morals. The last two we had come to the property to discuss storm damage quoted us rates that are so ridiculously high they are laughable , or so ridicuously laughable they must be high…whichever you prefer.  Please find me one who does not think his services rank with those of a surgeon or CEO.

If you can spare them , I could use a few elves (after christmas of course , I know you are in need of them for your crunch time) to help with clean-up this year. Despite the unseasonably warm weather, I did not find the time to cut back the gardens  and smiley singing elves would be just the motivation I need to get out there with the clippers and finish.

Speaking of clippers, I lost my Felcos (again) and nothing would make me happier than a new pair in my stocking.


I will say my last wish quietly so the others will not hear… I would like lots and lots of snow…ssshhh…. don’t tell anyone I asked, they will be mad. I love snow cover and the sheer joy of finding so many happy protected plants that survived our long winter. One hundred inches of insulation insured that last year ALL of my hydrangeas bloomed and for that I can’t thank you enough.

As usual cookies will be next to the fireplace and my stocking is the one with the snowmen on it ;)

Love and Peace

and Merry Christmas,


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