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Take a Penny-Leave a Penny

The 15th of the month is when many Garden Bloggers gather virtually at a wonderful site called May Dreams Gardens to share what is currently spectacular in their gardens. Here in New England there are months when the list of what is blooming on the 15th  is so long that I have to edit down to a few plants that are currently holding my heart  by the strings to write about. As the year wanes on, it gets easier to pick what to show, and in November it is usually chrysanthemums that appear here.

This year, for whatever weather or any other of Mother Nature’s reasons, it’s  the the sheffield mum called Chrysanthemum x rubellum ‘Copper Penny’ *that is at the height of bloom. I love this mum for all it brings to the fall garden, and as an added bonus for me it is the “right” color for the autumn. ( …For those that know me will be perfectly aware that plants like evergreen holly ripening  their  red berries on green foliage conjuring the Christmas season too early , irritate me ) . True to its name these adorable blossoms are indeed coppery  in bud and beginning of bloom and open to a lighter russety-orange with bright yellow centers as time goes on. I have divided this plant a few times to increase its visibility in the garden, and will do so again in the spring (BTW  NEVER divide and transplant perennial mums in the fall).

I have been cutting this for arrangements since a couple of weeks before Halloween, and , in fact, one of the pumpkin shaped bowls that adorned the buffet on Halloween is still sitting there looking as beautiful as the day I cut them.DSC_0010 (6) When I went to speak to a Garden Club in Welsley/Dover on Thursday I brought a little tussie-mussie  bouquet to starring Copper Penny to give away. 001008I meant also to tell the gals in attendance that if anyone is looking for a division of this plant ( that is unavailable in commerce to my knowledge) they can come for a visit and I will give them a plant division .  Now I will extend the offer out to all the locals, if you visit ( and ask ) in the spring , I will gift you one. I will also be potting up its cousin , the pink sheffield and a few Red Mammoth and maybe some Wil’s Wonderful as well. fall14

* the

*name told to me,as yet  unverified

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