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    Nov 5

    Fall gardens can be so full of color and texture, you just need to be in tune to what to look for. Instead of masses of flowers and  riots of color, there are great textures, unusual forms in seedpods and exposed branches  and  color combinations that are more muted yet still pretty cool. I love the look of my fall garden. There are still a few things blooming (  3 different varieties of mums , some of the hardier annuals, a smattering of roses and of course the abelia  and gaillardias which just never seem to stop. Berries abound on the hollies, callicarpas and viburnums, and they and the rose hips offer color as well as food for the birds .

    I went out and cut lots of hips, copper penny mums, small branches of spirea ogon and beautifully colored leaves of geranium microrhizum for some arrangements and was pretty impressed with all the color and texture still out there to enjoy.

    Scroll through the slideshow to see how life looks in The Burrow in late fall….

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    and ps.. I tried to upload the slide show 3 times which took FOREVER! and I hate that the caption and picture number are popping up, but I refuse to do it a fourth time


One Response to “Fall Slide Show”

  1. That was wonderful; thank you, Cheryl.

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