041This morning we received our first snowfall of the season and I did something highly unusual for me, I got up, pulled up the shades and climbed back under the covers to watch the snow fall.

As a mom, mornings involve me dragging myself out of bed to supervise the girls and approve outfit/makeup choices etc. I am in no way a morning person, so coffee is a necessity to get through the dressing/re-dressing and yet again more re-dressing that is a teenage girl’s norm. By the time they head off to school  I am totally awake and it is on to the drudgery of laundry, tidying, and getting myself ready for the day. But they had today off.001

As a gardener, November  winter  weather events involve worrying about chores not done, bulbs not yet planted, and the consequences of snow so early in the season, but for some reason none of that seemed to matter, and I lay back all cozy in my bed  to enjoy the sheer wonder of  the first snow .It was simply enchanting.019032037028030046043034


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