Random Thoughts on a Cold Monday

Here are a few  of  the sea of  things that are swarming around in my head today (which is single digit cold BTW)

-As I looked through my garden journals last night reading March entries like :

Blooming; snowdrops, crocus, winter hazel

Buds showing on hyacinth and daffs

Yard clean-up started

magnolia buds HUGE

Squill blooming and roses leafing out

Planted new crab apple “Mrs. Robinson” and three new peonies

I realized that yes, it is damn cold, and this winter is starting to drag on. I love winter, I love the change of the seasons here in New England, and I love snow too. But c’mon, it’s late March and there are inches of the stuff covering the snowdrops and the squill and a week ahead that is predicted to be staying below 10 and then maybe  low 20′s  at night later in the week and daytime temps not so warm either. We could even get some snow or icy rain. The snow pack is so frozen I can still walk on it .Enough. Be done already Old Man Winter. You may exit like a lamb now.

I spent the weekend answering questions at the Hort info booth at the Boston Flower Show and if the questions I fielded are any indication of the season ahead, get thee to the hardware store and stock up on vole traps and bait and rabbit repellent. Every other question I had got answered “Well now, that sounds like vole damage, so here is what to do….”

-The second  most asked question was what to do with the orchids  bought at ( insert big box store  name here) to make them bloom again. Sigh.

-Other than the Amateur Horticulture area where people enter their beloved plants, photographs they took ,and floral arrangements they made for judging, the show was uninspiring. Hence the lack of photos. I took none. Zero. Zip.

-I have to do a presentation this evening ( Monday) in Milford , MA. Last Monday I spoke in Milford, New Hampshire. I think that is a weird coincidence.

-I hate hate hate getting my picture taken, but I finally broke down and had some professional shots done and I  am ever so happy I did. I am speaking at the Suburban Boston Home Show in Lowell in April and would not have been happy with the picture I was using before plastered all  over their promotional material. You can see it here, if you are on a smart phone you will need to click the link  that says” Featured at the Show” then “Local Specialists” to view it.

-The third most asked  question, which is usually #1, is” Why won’t my hydrangea bloom?” I could recite the answer in my sleep ,that is how many times I have explained it and I wish that just once the nursery industry would work WITH gardeners instead of AGAINST us and only stock plants that  are reliable bloomers in the area in which they are sold Harumph.

-I started seeds over 2 weeks ago of eight different plants, sweet peas, chinese love vine, 2 kinds of sangusorbia, daylily, petunia exseta, allium cernium and huechera. Only the petunias have sprouted. This does not bode well for the season ahead.

On a happy note, the pussy willows are opening outside005


-and Happy Saint Patrick’s day!005 (8)






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One thought on “Random Thoughts on a Cold Monday

  1. Amy

    I should keep a garden journal….as I walked the dog in the very cold today I was thinking back to this time last year and wondering what I was doing in the garden..I know I was doing something productive, and not just looking at a lot of snow.

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