hey February…I ain’t playing

Dear February,

You got it all wrong. All 28 (or29) days of you I have a plan, and it doesn’t involve the garden.

I call BS on the daffoldils sproutingDSC_0003

the lilac buds showing greenDSC_0010

the honeysuckle leafing out.DSC_0012

I am furious at fully open pussy willowsDSC_0004 DSC_0007

and almost missed the witch hazel bloom DSC_0019

and seriously never care that I don’t see the snowdrops because where they are planted they are covered with snow usually until MayDSC_0027

February, you need to embrace who you really are……snow, cold , and most importantly down time for those of us who garden intensely for so many of the other months of the year. I have things to knit, a stack of books to read, classes to plan and seeds yet to order. Heavy sweaters, hot cocoa, shoveling and dormancy. That is what I expect from you..Get it together,

I don’t need to be obsessed with all the snow and ice damage and certainly am not ready to face the fact that ALL the  young fruit trees were girdled by rabbits despite their tree guards. DSC_0007 (2)

You need to give me back my snow cover and my peace of mind that all is well out there at least for a little while longer.

Maybe March will give us what you so clearly could not be bothered to provide, I am Ok with that, I will will tell it how appreciative I am for stepping up to the plate.

February, I am very dissappointed in you, although I do love what you have done with the heatherDSC_0021

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