Rabbit Repellent Review

Here is a list of what we tried and how it mostly did not perform up to expectations

Liquid Fence:   Smells like puke, looks even worse, worked only sometimes and only on certain plants. Clematis sprayed with it were eaten anyway. On the upside , it came with the best sprayer that never clogged.  I washed it out and re-used it for the other concoctions $$

Planskyyd :  BY FAR the grossest of the gross. Powdered dried blood you must mix in water (in what vessel they don’t tell you). EWWW!

It took forever to get it to mix into the water, all the while I was gagging. Then bottom of the bucket that did not mix well came out like large blood clots on my plants., which by the way did not 100% deter the bunnies. $$$

Rabbit Scram:  powder that you sprinkle in 12 inch swaths around perimeter of garden.

Very easy to use, we used it in late winter with success in one garden, but even heaping it around the deck did not keep them out from under it. The 25 gallon bucket I just ordered came a few days ago, and a few beds have been encircled and specific plants surrounded. Again, did not protect clematis atall. Two more were gone this morning $$$

Mix of garlic powder, hot suace, dishwashing soap and water:   Cheap, which is welcome in our ever escaalting tab

I have been carrying around this spray with me every day in the garden and hitting plants as I work nearby. Has stopped some nibbling but my lillies look like someone hit them with a blowtorch. I do not think they like Red Hot Sauce

Have-a Hart traps:  have a hint, and save your money. No rabbit will ever go in these traps. The company advised to douse them in appple cider to take away any human smell, which we did. We followed all placement and bait suggestions, yet no bunnies. No one who reviewed online had ever caught a bunny either. $$

Kill traps that snap on contact from uspray.com: we bought four of these (desperation my friends) and set 2 of them outside. Within a few days they had rusted so badly the rabbits could happily grab the bait without fear.The two we left in the garage rusted as well. E-mails to the company went unanswered.  wasted$$

Now I am trying a combination of many different repellents, re-applied constantly and I am going to fence off the cutting bed as well as several shrubs that are badly damaged .

Oddly enough, I heard one of the best ways to get live rabbits out of your space was to have a dead rabbit. Seems they are afraid of disease. One got hit by a car on our road and I wanted to go get it and place it in the garden but Bill said ABSOLUTELY NOT! in a way that made me kinda scared, so I didn’t.  He was afraid it would stink horribly. I am pretty sure it would not smell any worse than Liquid fence :(

2 thoughts on “Rabbit Repellent Review

  1. Joe D

    I’ve caught 4 rabbits and a squirrel with my Havahart trap.

    Maybe AZ bunnies aren’t as smart :-)

    1. Cheryl Post author

      Ours are always empty no matter what bait we try….curious what you do with them after you catch them? Her in MA even f we caught them it is illegal to transport and release them.


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