Elsa Spaeth

Elsa Spaeth is one of my favorite clematis for a variety of reasons

1.She is one of the first to bloom of the large flowered hybrids

2.She  starts to open in a very deep purple skyward- facing cup shape

3.As her flowers  open the color lightens ever so slightly and the red anthers begin to announce themselves

4. Fully open the tepals have a dark bar down the center and are 5-6 inches across

5. As they start to fade the bar becomes silvery and the tepals lighten significantly

6.At any one time there will be all of the above variations in bloom on the vine

7. After a long bloom time she takes a short break ,  then she will bloom again later in the season

Really, what is not to like about that?

I grow Elsa all by herself on her own trellis, because she is so impressive. She needs no co-star, she is her very own Leading Lady and one of my top 10 of the genus.

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