Clematis texensis

…and what an appropriate name it is! Clematis texensis, unlike many of the other species in the genus, loves it hot, sunny , and a little on the dry side. That comes from it’s state of origin, Texas, in which it is hot, sunny, and on the dry side. (surprising,huh?)

If you have the right spot, in FULL sun, this clematis will perform for you like no other.

Clematsi texensis is also used as a pollenator for hybrids and is the source of any red coloring  the resulting seedling may have.

If you see red in any clematis, you can assume is has that fiery texensis heritage.

Here in my garden I grow  ’Gravetye Beauty’  which blooms from the first week of June to the very last day of September. I love the buds, love the tulip- looking early opening flower

and the fully opened recurved flower, and adore the rich satiny color.

Herbaceous in nature,.it grows tons of new shoots from the ground each year  that will quickly scramble up an arbor smothering it in flowers. Here it is with a red climbing rose (name unknown) at the side entrance to the Dogs Garden.

C.texensis can be prone to powdery mildew in the right conditions, so this clematis takes some looking after to prevent that.

I also grow a new vareity from Brshwood nursery called ‘Catherine Clanwilliam’, although it has not bloomed yet.’ Duchess fo Albany’ is another texensis favorite.

As an added bonus, c. texensis has large whirly twirly seedheads that persist for quite a long time after the flowers have shattered.

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