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bwThis is the one page of the blog that I have been dreading to write. I guess it helps to know something about someone who is potentially giving you advice, but the qestion is what to tell, and what is really TMI. Oh well…here goes..

Basic info  :  51  year old female (hey, the census wants to know so why don’t you?) living and gardening on a little over an acre in suburbia (MA)

Mother of four, unless you count my hubby  Bill (which I do ) although he would call it “mother-with benefits” which is both disturbingly gross and laugh-out-loud funny  and those two descriptive phrases tell you everything there is to know about Bill. Ok maybe I would add  mind-bogglingly smart but this is about me so I won’t

Back to the four I gave birth to: CJ  now 29, married and with a house and son  of his own,  David 27 , home from the Air Force where he was  a crypto-linguist,  ; Erin, 21 and a college student and Faith 19 ,who many in the world know all about but that is a story for another time.

Degrees in History/Secondary Education     as it  turns out I am not really that great with kids turns out so I retired at 23

Licensed Adult Educator who lacks interest in a full-time job and is supported by the afrorementioned Bill , a kind and generous man who mentions my lack of empoyment on an hourly basis

Self-taught gardener for 20 plus years, now a graduated Master Gardener specializing in clematis and garden design

Corgi lover. I have currently , Tigger who is a tri -colored male age 10 and Pumpkin, age 7. We  lost our oldest, Baby Dear l at age 11.. Would have 20, but Bill says no (and in this case means it)

Favorite plant: hands down, clematis. I grow over 100 , and more get added every year. I think I know what there is to know about it and will happily answer questions  if you’ve got’ em

Roses come in a close second and although no rosarian I am pretty well versed in their idiosyncrasies , well practiced in growing them, and completely frustrated with them at times.

Gardening practices are on the verge of being organic, yet not quite. Depends on the circumstances facing me. Try to avoid most of  the spraying because I am lazy and also can’t  follow crazy mixing/application  directions well.

Opinionated (caution: major understatement  alert) and sassy , but I will offer in my defense that my opions are ALWAYS formed using actual real research from actual real unniversities and the like. I never listen to hype, never accept an opion offered by ANYONE….. I don’t care what they list as credentials…. unless it is backed up by research and data aquired in a non-commercial and non-agenda driven setting.

Plant growing advice  may also be tweaked based on my own experiences here and in other gardens I work in.

I won’t discuss religion or politics with you, they don’t belong in the garden anyway ( except Budda and St. Francis both of  whom people will use as garden art regardless of their ideology or religious persuasion. Wierd.)

That’s all. stay tuned to learn more if you want. We all reveal more of ourselves than we think when writing.

to see the blog beginning    www.gardenintheburrow.com/?p=4

Tig and Baby Dear (at Erin’s Feet)

4 thoughts on “About Me


    Hi Cheryl
    Just wanted to thank you for the excellent presentation you made last night for Haverhill and Groveland Garden Clubs. It was absolutely wonderful and wow, I learned so much about clematis. The buzz after was great … everyone loved it. Thanks so much and I just had a good look at your website and it is really just an extension of your marvelous personality. Can’t wait to shop for new clematis based on what I learned.
    Susan R. Schumacher
    Incoming President of Haverhill Garden Club

  2. shirley jenkins

    Looking forward to meeting you on Wednesday… our meeting site is right off of Rte. 3, Exit 11




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