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2 thoughts on “Roses

  1. Sue Perez

    Green aphids and tiny white flies on the buds of my 2 KO roses planted last Aug. Also found a light green inch worm on the ground – he’d chewed off a leaflet.
    What do you suggest? Is there a Safer Soap, or a mixture with dish washing (Joy) soap? I washed some of the offenders off with hose water, but not thoroughly. Thanks.

    1. Cheryl Post author

      Hi Sue, aphids are actually easy to control,a full force hose spray will knock them off and they have no ability to climb back up. As for the inch worm, my guess is it is the larvae of the rose sawfly. they live and munch on the underside of the leaves (they are difficult to see because they blend so well), but if you do see them, spray with horticultural oil like Neem and keep checking . They only have one generation a year so should disappear by mid-June but you don’t want too much damage before they do. I generally try ,if populations are low of any insect/pest, to let mother nature help via ladybugs and other predatory insects. Aphids are a favorite of lots of bugs so if you leave a few you can be sure something will move in to finish them off and then they will stick around toh help in other areas of the garden. good luck!


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