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DSC_0077For a printable PDF of my Speaking Engagements and Workshops for this year  click here    Cheryl Monroe Programs 16-17. The program, Hydrangeas for the Northeast has recently been added in response to the number of questions I field about them while out speaking. They certainly are a beautiful plant and one worth growing well here in the Northeast! 


Hydrangeas for the Northeast

Getting reliable mophead and lacecap hydrangea blooms can be tricky in the Northeast. Questions abound about pruning, changing the color of the flowers from pink to blue  ( or vice – versa), and correct garden siting.  Come learn how to plant, grow, and prune hydrangeas as well as answer the age old question “Why won’t my hydrangea bloom?’. Hydrangeas are not only stunningly beautiful garden plants, they are remarkably resilient IF you plant the right ones for your garden. We will cover zone/climate and the best bloomers , native selections, hydrangeas for sun, shade and in-between, and best of all some superb choices for containers and small garden spaces. The hydrangea list given out with the program is updated annually to reflect the BEST new introductions, and also includes a few lesser known species for the adventurous gardener.


The Fabulous Fall Garden: The Garden in the Burrow is often open to tours when other gardens have finished for the season. Learn from  pro the absolute best plants, tips and techniques to ensure your garden looks like a showplace from late August right through to the first snowfall. Can be combined with a tour  in September and early October. (NEW)

Clematis, Just the Little Guys: Although not a widely grown or appreciated as hteir showy cousins, small flowered clematis make up for the diminutive size by showering the garden with an abundance of blooms and an easy care attitude. The numerous small blooming species, including a dozen or so native to the US, offer a delightful alternative to the finicky large flowered hybrids. In this informative lecture we will discuss garden placement, cultivation, and most importantly where to find these useful and beautiful plants, (NEW)

The Blended Garden: In Praise of Multihorticulturalism:  (NEW program for this year)   Are you feeling guilty and confused about the current hype surrounding native only planting? Overwhelmed by terms like invasive, aggressive, exotic, indigenous, alien and sustainable? Worried about the environmental impact of your garden? Learn the science and dispel the myths behind the Native vs. Exotic Plant Debate and the best way to make a garden that you, the pollinators, and Mother Earth will adore.

Clematis: Queen of the Vines: Did you know there are over 300 species of clematis with over 1000 cultivars? Did you know there are clematis that will bloom continuously in your New England Garden for more than 16 weeks? Do you know the secrets to growing these beautiful and versatile plants? Come learn how this truly easy to grow vine can make your garden the envy of all .This slide presentation (accompanied by lots of flowers from late May through September and stunning photos in the winter) will teach you proper planting, cultivation, and design tricks that you can use in any garden, from an English Manor House to condominium patio, sun, shade or in between.

Design with Vines:  There is nothing like a vine to add height, scale and drama to any gardening space. Take your garden into a new dimension by learning creative uses for a variety of ornamental vines, both annual and perennial. During this slide presentation of beautiful garden photographs, we will discuss using vines as structural elements, ground covers and as a second season of interest in shrub borders. We will also learn vines to avoid and how to follow the golden rule: “Right vine, right place.”

Shrubs for Year Round Interest: From January to December, Azalea to Yucca, a fast paced presentation covering a list of almost 50 spectacular shrubs that will give your garden VAVOOM.  Growing the RIGHT shrubs is the easiest way to incorporate lots of low maintenance color, texture and appeal, without relying on fussy perennials. Cultivars on this list are selected for multi-season interest, size, ease of cultivation, and local availability (including nursery list).

Grow it, Cut it, Arrange It: Want to have beautiful blooms fresh from your own garden to adorn your house and table but don’t have the space for a separate cutting garden?  This program will give you  plant selections you can easily work in to your existing garden space that will provide  you bouquet after bountiful bouquet  as well as suggestions for foliage , fruit and other fun additions to make your arrangements POP!

The Art of the Vignette: A fun design presentation illustrating how to effectively use small spaces in the garden to convey a sense of drama and personal style and how to avoid common faux pas. We will learn how to use color, design features and objects d’art to draw the eye and create fabulous vignettes that will have your visitors admiring your savior -faire.

Faithio: A story of a girl, her mama, pink flowers, chipmunks, fairies , and cancer: In what promises to be one of the most unusual and compelling programs of the year, come hear my journey through my daughter Faith’s  illness told through stories that take place in the garden. Will you cry? Maybe. Will you laugh? Most definitely (and I hope often). Will you leave inspired? I truly think so. Based on my private memoir of the past few years, this presentation will give you a sudden urge to plant more perennials, dig in the dirt, and laugh at any circumstance thrown your way. You will also get a sneak peek at the fairy garden Faith and I have created to provide a happy home for these magical creatures we have become so fond of. This is not a sulky story, not a woe is me story, a religious story or even a sad story. It is a story of growing, of hope, of laughter, of gardening, of Faith.(Books will be available for purchase if requested)

Get Ready! The Spring Garden:  A program offered in the early months of the year to get us all prepared for a productive and creative gardening season. Topics covered include: what to prune now and why, tool sharpening (demonstration and bring yours too!), flower bed cleanup and evaluation, transplanting, lawn care, pest control (voles, winter moth, and scale), houseplant basics, bulb care and bare root plants. Get through this busy season informed, prepared ,and ready for whatever Mother Nature throws your way.

Critter Control: We all face many challenges trying to have the garden of our dreams, and critters sure top the list of them.  In this lively presentation  you will learn the many tricks at your disposal to thwart their voracious appetites, avoid damage, and even rid yourself of them if you wish.  We will also talk about the things that don’t work saving you time and money. Information will be shared  on plants that truly are nobodies idea of a late night snack ( from experience, not a re-hashed list from an  book or magazine) . Deer, voles, moles, chipmunks, slugs, the list goes on and on and I am here to help




Learn a Little Latin: A slightly serious, slightly irreverent look at the form of Latin used in  botanical nomenclature. We will discuss the wacky ways some plants get their names and how to write them correctly, explore the perils of pronunciation, and learn a few handy dandy words that will help you decipher your garden and bring out your latent Linnaeus. Great for gardeners of all levels and a wonderful winter program.

 Easy Care Roses:  Yes, you can grow roses without spraying harmful pesticides or fighting disfiguring defoliating diseases…..you just need to know the right roses to plant!  This lively and colorful program will show you the healthy way to healthy rose growing just by choosing roses proven to be winter hardy, disease resistant, drought tolerant, and prune free. Handout includes cultivar list of all my selections and great sources to find them.

All programs accompanied by a double sided handout, props and/or fresh floral material whenever possible

Workshop: Pressed Flower Cards: In these popular hands on workshop we will use pressed flowers, both dried and fresh, to create lovely artwork that will then be computer scanned and sent back to participants as a greeting card. All materials will be provided, although everyone is welcome and encouraged to bring pressed material that is of special interest to them.I f you love your masterpiece, you will be able to order more printed cards. Orders will be sent separately and price list and order form will be available at the workshop.

Pressed Flower Prints: A follow up workshop to the immensely popular Pressed Flower Cards, this workshop will feature a short presentation on collage making with pressed flowers and participants will design an 8×10 print using colored papers and floral material.

Reviews and recommendations available upon request


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