The Garden in the Burrow

The garden here, in all it’s unplanned splendor, is made up of mostly mixed shrub and perennial borders, although there is a rock garden with herbs and a few alpine plants as well as a bunch of containers in the summer. I grow close to 100 cultivars of clematis ( yup I know, plant collecting is ridiculous and I don’t really care). I have quite a variety of sedums as well, so there.  Almost all of the borders are in full sun (the really scorchy hot deserty kind).
There is limited shade space so I only grow a few shade plants, and peppered in here and there are blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and two apple trees. There are no “vegetables’” except by coincidence or accident ;) . By the compost pile there is a small cutting garden filled with different flowers every summer,( except always sunflowers and always zinnias.)
Because my gardens are spread out around Bill’s very large pool, the basketball court, swing set and playhouse and the pesky house and garage that hog so much real estate I like to think of it all in total as a “yarden” where everyone can be happy and find a reason to be outside( and at close range for me to holler over to when I need help pulling out a shrub or removing sod.)

Ironically , all the critters associated with the word” Burrow”  came after the name. Can they read the sign? Did they interpret it as an invitation?

I should have gone with” Barren Wasteland” or “Fox Run”.

Oh well……………..


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