The Rabbit Chronicles

Our story begins last winter when unbeknownst to me, the cute bunnies we had seen sporadically in the yard set up house under the deck. Apparantly they had been gettin busy for some time because  judging by the amount of damage and bunny poo there are now many many offspring.Over the winter they ate to the ground four  euonymous , two sand cherry bushes and five soapwort plants , and topiared many more bushes by eating all of the lower leaves( The list of the other plants damaged not so severely is long so I will not bore you with it) Now we have a serious problem.

(what used to be a euonymous)

Alternately the yard has smelled like puke, rotten eggs, garlic and the worst of them all blood, as I  try to repell them with different products

We set out have a hart traps , baited with apples or carrots and in the morning the bait is gone, the traps are sprung BUT EMPTY!  This trap had a whole cut up apple in it (GONE!) and is closed yet there is no animal in it. Grrrrr

 add to that the fact that it is illegal to re-locate wildlife in our state puishable by $300 fine so you have to kill them anyway  and these traps are useless.

I have been pondering our lack of success in controlling the bunnies and have come up with…….nothing

p.s. In case your comment is “The bunnies were there first and you invaded their habitat”…um….no we didn’t. Our yard when we moved here was  glacially deposited sand (read:sandpit) and nothing lived here …..except sand

2 thoughts on “The Rabbit Chronicles

  1. mary anne dean

    Any suggestions on how to keep rabbits from digging under fence to get to my tomatoes?

    1. Cheryl Post author

      Things I have tried in the past are bird netting tied from the lower part of the fence then stuck to the ground using landscape pins , old fashioned mouse traps placed where they are digging and planting chives around plants that get eaten frequently, and I am also having a bit pf success protecting a few roses by placing all the dog hair from the dog brushes around them. Good luck!


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