Rabbit Repellent Review:part II

I forgot to review on my first page the utterly useless Plastic Owls. I can not even remember what caused me to entertain this idea, but I did and whoooo knew, the rabbits could have cared less

This one even has a motion sensor, and responds with whooooo-whooooting that scared the bejeezus out of Tigger (one of the corgis) every time he went by it and made him sit on my feet (his terror response) all day when it was on.

I also read a suggestion to cut apart a garden hose to look like snakes and place them in the garden. But my question is this: How would my bunnies know of the existence of a snake large enoughto eat them here in Jefferson? And if such a thing is truly in my backyard then I am moving to Ireland.

I have read about , and heard from a Master Gardener  who answered my e-mail plea for help, that rabbits will eat clover above all else so ordered a 1/4 pound of clover seed which after years of painstakingly eradicating it from the lawn made me wince a little. I spread  the seed out back and if the birds don’t get it all I will be able to evaluate it’s efficacy in a month or so.

Today the fox/coyote urine goes down in a perimeter around all the clematis plants and the cages are going up around the yellow twig dogwood, heptacodium and lespdeza ( bush clover: a ridiculous plant choice given the current situation around here)

And FYI, Bill bought a pellet gun last night. There are already large holes in my garage wall and the kids playhouse. This won’t end well, look for us on the news soon.

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